Moving Boxes- Once Upon a Time I Used Grocery Store Boxes

by Moving Box Delivery on August 14, 2013

Then one day,  I was in my early 30s and hired a moving company to move me. This made moving SO much better. However, I was surprised that when they showed up at my house and saw all my varied sized, salvaged boxes, they declined to move several of them unless I repacked them in new boxes. What?  A box is a box isn’t it. The ones that didn’t have tops could not be stacked in their moving trucks, while others were too big and heavy. I had never encountered this before, since I so often had my friends and family move me in a U-Haul. They would haul whatever I had and hoped it arrived at the other end in one piece.

Years later, after owning a moving company and watching hundreds of people move, I have learned that many people don’t realize how much time they will save by buying their moving boxes. They will also better protect their valuables, but I will save that for another article.

Save your time and spend $89 on boxes versus going store to store, only to find boxes that will not provide yourself with the best protection.

A suggestion that would have saved me countless hours of time with all the moves I have done in my life, prevented many items from getting broken and just made moving so much easier.


Why is it important to buy high quality moving boxes

by Moving Box Delivery on August 14, 2013

Why It Is Important to Buy Quality Moving Boxes & Moving Supplies:

When moving, it is typical to stack multiple moving boxes on top of each other in a moving truck, storage unit, or moving dolly. As a result, there is a lot of weight that is placed on all the moving boxes. Professional quality moving boxes are designed not to compress when stacked, as long as they are filled completely to the top. The best way to pack moving boxes is to fill your moving boxes to the top, fill in any gaps with newspaper, and to follow the packing guidelines included in our professional packing tips.  Completely filled boxes are much stronger and better for stacking than partially filled packing boxes. For more information on all the benefits of using high quality moving boxes go to: boxes for moving

What To Pack Inside of the Four Sizes of Industry Standard Moving Boxes:

There are three industry standard sizes of moving boxes that are included with every moving kit. The first type of moving boxes are often referred to as small moving boxes, otherwise known as  “All Purpose moving boxes” or the 1.5 cubic. All Purpose moving boxes are the most important box for moving, and it is suggested to pack anything inside of this moving box that can fit inside. It is deep and wide, yet it is not too large that you can risk over-packing.The medium sized moving boxes, otherwise known as “Kitchen moving boxes” or 3.0 cubic, is ideal to pack large kitchen pots, pans, and small appliances. The large moving boxes, otherwise known as “Pillow moving boxes” or 4.5 cubic, are helpful only to pack very lightweight items such as pillows. The biggest mistake that people make when packing is to use large moving boxes to pack most of their home. The risk of damage, having packing boxes that are too heavy to carry, and boxes that break goes up drastically. The last type of industry standard moving boxes are wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe moving boxes include a bar inside of them that enable you to hang your clothes inside of them while moving or storing, and they make for wonderful garage storage after you use them.


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