How To Pack Knives and Cutlery The Easy Way

by Moving Box Delivery on March 29, 2012

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Are you moving and wondering how to pack knives and cutlery? Every home  has a variety of cutlery and knives that need to be packed, so watch this helpful video and read all of the tips  to pack with ease. 

Helpful Video on How To Pack Knives and Cutlery:

How to Pack  Knives and Cutlery:

Unprinted packing paper is ideal to use when packing cutlery, silver and knives.

Never wrap silverware with printed newspaper as it can damage your valuables and create tarnish.

Always use unprinted packing paper that is designed for packing.


  • Keep all your “like silverware items” in one bundle; so you should not roll up spoons and forks using the same piece of paper.
  • Fold your packing paper around your cutlery one at a time, but still pack several pieces of silverware in one piece of paper. This will maximize your paper to it’s full potential.

How To Pack Knives:

Dinner knives are the easiest to pack and should just be rolled in packing paper one at a time. Other knives such as  steak knives, sharp roast knives, and/or knives that are stored in chopping blocks should use a different approach to ensure safe handling.

Steak Knives and Other Loose Sharp Knives:

The main risk of packing sharp knives is accidentally unpacking them and they fall on your feet. Therefore, the more secure you can be with your loose knives the better.

The easiest most cost effective approach of how to pack loose knives is to find an old towel and roll your knives  so the ends are sealed. Then wrap tape around the towel and place in quality boxes for moving that are labeled “knives.” If you have children, you can go one step further and wrap the entire towel that is filled with knives in bubble wrap. Make sure to place tape around the bubble wrap and place it in a box that is labeled properly.

Some movers will wrap knives in packing paper, but make sure that you draw an arrow as to which end is the sharp side of the knife. Also tape these bundles shut.

How To Pack Knives in a Chopping Block:

A trick that movers use works really well when packing knives that are in chopping blocks is so simple and easy to do.

  • Take your chopping block and place tape around all sides of the block- holding the knives in.
  • Cover the entire block with packing paper, or just place it in your moving boxes as long as it is fully packed.
  • Put the knife block on it’s side and make sure that you put it on the bottom of the box. Remember chopping blocks and knives are heavy and should always be placed on the bottom.

Happy packing and don’t forget to order your moving supplies well in advance of your move!

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gerber knives June 27, 2012 at 5:36 pm

Yes, I also use old newspaper sheets to pack knives and use masking tape as the law requires. I make sure that i buy knives that have sheaths.

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