How To Pack Toys in Moving Boxes and Decide Which Toys To Take

by Moving Box Delivery on April 19, 2012

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If you have children and are wondering how to pack toys in moving boxes, read this helpful article.

Which toys should you pack, and which ones should you leave?

how to pack toys in boxesLets face it. Young kids can collect a closet full of toys, many of which have lost their tops, are broken in half, and/or are missing pieces or parts. Do you pack these items? Which ones should you not pack? Read this article to learn how to pack toys with ease!

The great news is that you can turn your move into an opportunity to teach your children some valuable new skills and at the same time only pack the things that will be most used in the future.

My 4 year old son recently took a large puzzle and sprinkled it all over the house for a “treasure monster hunt.” He and his 3 year old sister went on a monster hunt following the puzzle pieces around the house. We are STILL finding pieces under sofas etc.¬† Do you pack and move a puzzle without the pieces or not? What guidance do you offer your kids?

Five Tips On How To Pack Toys

#1. Involve your children in making packing decisions, even if they are young. Tell them that they can not bring everything and need to pick their favorite toys and put them in boxes for moving.

This exercise is actually good for kids, as it teaches them the process of getting rid of things that they no longer use. This is a skill that helps a person be organized later in life.

#2. Another approach depending on their age and maturity, is tell them they can keep all of the toys that they have kept good care of.

Toys that were not kept together, were mistreated, and/or were thrown under beds carelessly need to be donated to kids who will take good care of them and treat them well.

  • This approach has to be done cautiously. You want them to learn that it is important to take care of belongings, without making them feel bad for not having done so.

#3. Tell your children that in life, you can’t keep every single thing you ever buy. Make the packing experience an organizational¬† lesson, teaching your kids that part of organizing is PURGING things that you have outgrown.

In teaching your kids how to pack toys, show them that you are going to do the same thing in every room in your house. Let them help you in the kitchen or garage and talk out loud to them so they understand how you are making these decisions. “I am going to donate this dress because it no longer fits me. Someone else may be able to enjoy it. I am giving this cookbook away because I never bake any recipes from it etc……”

Then move on to their room and play room letting helping them make these types of decisions.

#4. If you are wondering how to pack toys in moving boxes, try this approach.

With your children, have 3 large moving boxes, kitchen boxes are ideal as they are tall and stronger.

A. One box is your favorite toys.

B. One box is is for toys you want to give away to other kids. (Have not played with in the last 6-12 months)

C. One box is for toys that need to be thrown out because they are broken.

#5. Let your kids pick some of their belongings that they want to give away to kids who need toys more then they do. This can help nurture a caring, empathetic approach to others. You can even let them come with you to donate other items.

Personally, even if it is a toy they still use and love, the act of giving it away can even mean more. The fact that they are willing to give something to others in need that they really love is a wonderful activity for kids and can help others at the same time.

Hope these tips are helpful! Wishing you a great move and if you need moving supplies, we are here to help you.

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