Another Thing To Consider When Moving Is The Items Hanging In The Closets

by Moving Box Delivery on August 5, 2009

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There are so many things to do approaching moving day, that many people forget about the clothes that are hanging in their closets!
It is common for people to wait until the last minute and figure they will just grab all the clothes, while still on hangers, and drape the whole bunch over the passenger seat in Cousin Betty’s car. However, the clothes never make it to their new home without all sliding down to the floor and end up being wrinkled for the next few months. 

Moving from one place of residence to another should be fun and exciting! People shouldn’t look at it as a miserable chore, and one way to keep it from being miserable is by being prepared with the proper moving boxes, moving supplies, and most importantly; having everything ready by the morning of moving day! Wardrobe boxes make it so easy to transport your hanging clothes directly from your closet to the moving box.

The best thing to do to make moving super easy is to buy a few wardrobe boxes, which are big strong moving boxes made specifically for moving what is hanging in your closets! The clothes and hangers can be taken from the closet, and hooked right onto the bar inside the wardrobe boxes.

So, have fun, get ready, and get moving!


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